In a relationship with Ross Mckinlay Radiate Love


I follow back xx

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bbc radio 1’s big weekend 5/24/14

Radiate-Your Love: jesus someones gotta come cut his hair. the back tail bit makes me cringe

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I just did something bad. My boyf lives in Brazil and i'm in the UK. See he has depression and isn't dealing with it too well but I'm doing my GCSEs now and I'm really struggling to try be threre for him, maintain myself and revise. But I've been getting closer with someone who is more local and I'm just really not sure about how I feel about either of them anymore

Go with your feelings because keeping everything bottled up inside won’t help you. Talk to your boyfriend about how you feel also! It’s best to just get everything out in the open xxx

When I’m packing to go stay with him



I dare you to tell me this isn’t the most amazing picture ever .

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Lmao i really need some advice right now help me guys I am trash pure unadulterated trash.

I’m in a LDR, what’s up!